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Pumpkin Carving Tools
Pumpkin Carving Tools
Pumpkin Carving Tools


To carve a good Jack-O-Lantern, you need the right tools for the job! They have to be sharp enough, flexible, thin and sturdy. Over the years we've collected, experimented with, altered or made a number of tools suited for our pumpkin carving tool kit. Most of what you will need you may already have in your kitchen or can be purchased in the kitchen section at your local department store. Something to keep all of your pumpkin carving tools in insures that they stay together and you can find them when the time comes.


Pumpkin Carving Patterns - Pumpkin Masters™
Pumpkin Masters offers a large variety of pumpkin carving patterns usually in booklet form.

Pumpkin Carving Patterns - Halloween Works™
Halloween Works offers a selection of pumpkin carving patterns for your pumpkin carving kit.


Pumpkin Lights Pumpkin Carving Kit™
New for the Halloween 2012 season is the pumpkin carving kit from Pumpkin  Lights, the makers of the flickering battery powered pumpkin light. It's a 10 piece kit that includes a Rainbow Pumpkin Light that changes colors, a 13 inch Super Scooper, cutting tool, hole punching tool and 6 carving templates for carving Jack-O-Lanterns.

This set runs $9.99 at their web site. Also available is the 9 piece set that includes everything above except for the Pumpkin Light, just in case you already own a few. This set runs $6.99 at their website. Stop by and check out these and the other great Pumpkin Light products today!

Pumpkin Carving Kits - Pumpkin Masters™
Pumpkin Masters started as a family business in 1986. They offer a large variety of kits may include pumpkin carving tools such as a saws, scarper, pumpkin carving patterns, poker tool and drill tool.

Warren Pro Pumpkin Carving Tool Set™
High carbon steel double tempered hollow ground blades for the serious carver. Includes One 4 1/2" Black Walnut Handle with Brass Three Way Chuck Holds various size saw-blades that are included, plus a Lock-Jaw Wrench. Retails for around $13.

Pumpkin Carving Kit - X-Acto™
A very nice pumpkin carving kit that included an X-Acto handle and saw-blade. Sorry, this kit is no longer available.

Pumpkin Tool Box Carving Kit - Concept Marketing™
The Pumpkin Tool Box Carving Kit includes stencils, candle, candle holder, scoop, marking pen, carving tool, designer tool, and etching tool. Retails for around $11.

Pumpkin Carving Set - Fox Run™
The Fox Run Pumpkin Carving Set contains a plastic scoop, small serrated carving knife with metal blade, black crayon, tea light. Retails for around $11.


Power Master Pumpkin Carving Saw - Pumpkin Masters
The Power Master Pumpkin Carving Saw is Pumpkin Masters all-new power tool. The Power Master saw allows you to carve intricate patterns. It also has been designed for comfort and detailed carving. Comes with one blade, but replaceable blades are sold separately.

Cordless Pumpkin Carving Tool - Dremel
Dremel Pumpkin Carving Tool lets you easily carve intricate patterns using the included templates that you trace onto your pumpkin. The kit makes the style Jack-o’-lantern that just glows, and is not meant to cut all the way through the pumpkin. Includes: 6.0V Dremel cordless rotary tool, ten carving templates and wrench. Retails for around $30.

Battery Powered Pumpkin Carver #1 - Halloween Works
It is battery powered and available at many retail outlets. We tested the product and found it works very well. The kit included the battery-powered carving tool and a hole poker tool.


Tool boxes can be found at hardware and department stores. It should large enough to hold all of your tools, templates and candles.


If you take good care of your carving tools they'll last a very long time, if not a lifetime. Always clean your tools after you use them, and then store them all together for the next Halloween. Care should be taken not to bend knife blades or carving saw blades. Carving blades are very thin and sometimes brittle, and can be particularly subject to breaking.

Pumpkin Carving Tools
Pumpkin Carving Tools


Pumpkin Carving Tools
Pumpkin Carving Tools


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Pumpkin Carving Tools
Pumpkin Carving Tools

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